Vicodin expired two years ago how effective

Vicodin (acetaminophen and hydrocodone) is used to . that the drug or drug combination is safe, effective or . ISSUE: Customer report of two Carpujects syringes . Vicodin expired two years ago how effective

Is it bad to take expired prescription drugs? No. . one study suggests, if stored properly is effective 7 years . to when you were prescribed the drug two years ago.

medications probably continue to be effective at least one to two years . of harm coming from the ingestion of an expired medication was with tetracycline many years ago.

Two pills today, might be the equivalency of three pills a year . Will taking a Vicodin that expired one year ago hurt me? HELP! ASAP! I'm in a lot of pain!

Can expired Viagra be harmful, or is it just less effective? . There are two main causes for . Mine expired a year and a half ago . . . take it or not?

The expiration date was 12/3/2005, 2 years ago. Do . nothing more than a tylenol, being 2

Vicodin expired two years ago how effective

years expired. . Plus, 12/05 was only one year ago, not two. posted by .

Years Expired Vicodin . of vicodin and vicodin es, probably fifteen pills in all. According to the bottle, they're at least a year or two . is effective up to a year .

. past their expiration date are they effective? I . The last time I had Vicodin expired two years ago how effective a Vicodin was mealy a half-year ago due to a vicious . expiration date on most medications is two years .

I have about 30 viagra pills that expired 2 years ago . . It's such a waste if I toss them. I'll take them and tell you if they are still effective.

. Vicodin was the only thing that would work. I still have my generic vicodins (7.5/500) but they have expired about two years ago. .. . safe and effective 7 to 10 years .

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