How to crush up oxycontin

But, of course, I can never get quite as high as I used to so I proceeded to crush up the other 80 mg OxyContin about two hours after my 160 mg dosage.

There are a few different reasons why people may want to crush OxyContin. Some people cannot swallow tablets easily (or at all); some people must have their medications .

How to crush up new oxycontin - A Vassar calculator t value bear might is just commencing be gum and How to crush up oxycontin I tried approximately 36 months to.

What is the best way to crush up . smoking new 80mg OP oxycontin Basic Drug Discussion. How to crush up a new oxy op 30 mg. I could NOT crush up the oxy no matter . are as .

Ok, I just got a hold of the NEW oxycontins that are marked OP and 40 on one side . Some dude posted that he used a horse clamp to How to crush up oxycontin crush it up from small beads to a .

Best Answer: You destroy the controlled release of the drug Oxycodone. This results in the immediate absorption of all the drug into the system. This can .

Why not chew up some food then pop it in your mouth and swallow whole? . My problem is that the research I've done says NOT to crush oxycontin? I mix it in .

The new formula they came up apparently is made up of PLASTIC! do they want to give us cancer? cant even bite into it. some people are just passing the .

Then take a straw or roll up another dollar bill tightly, and snort the line. . Why can you not crush op 20 Oxycontin? It's the PRESSURE when you try to crush the pill .

hahahaha you fiends. . Today, 03:11 PM * #8 PeterContinTail Guest * * Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 1 Hey guys I'm a little new here, but I've been lurking in opiate .

. in up to 80 mg in one pill, developed to provide 12
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